Specialist Diploma – Aviation Leasing and Finance  

University of Limerick 


About the Course 

NFQ Level  Delivery Mode  Duration 
9 Minor Award  Part- Time  1 Year 


This Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance was established in 2014 and consists of 6 modules that cover topics related to aviation, leasing, and finance. The programme consists of 2 semesters: Autumn and Spring, commencing in September and January respectively with three modules covered in each semester. The weekly workload for the programme is around 10-15 hours. As this programme is usually catering for people in employment, attendance is mandatory between one and four times a month, depending on the content. The location alternates between UL and Chartered Accountants House in Dublin and is supported with online learning and tutor support throughout both semesters.  

 Minimum Requirements 

Honours Level Degree 2:1  With 3-5 experience in aviation or a related industry 

Despite the minimum requirements, the course board possibly could accept a qualification lower than the one specified with evidence of adequate supplementary learning and experience.  

Structure/Content of the Course 

Semester 1 Autumn: 

Modules include: Air Transportation Characteristics, Aircraft Leasing, Corporate Airline Finance.  

Students are required to attend one class in UL and one class in Dublin, usually on a Saturday for the months of September and October. In November, students are required to attend 4 days which is split into two, 2 day sessions, usually a Friday and Saturday which are held in UL.  


Semester 2 Spring: 

Modules include: Integrated Risk Management, Fleet Planning, Legal Aspects of Aviation Leasing and Finance.  

Attendance is required once a month for this semester and the classes are held in UL (January and March) or Chartered Accountants House, Dublin (February, April). 


Career Opportunities

This programme looks at a number of different topics that is relevant to the aircraft leasing sector and as a result opens the door into areas such as Pricing, Credit, Technical Management or Contracts Management.