Gareth Lau

In 2018, Gareth graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology in a Bachelor’s of Business in Business & Management. Most recently, he graduated from the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Bachelor of Business in Aviation Management. Right now, Gareth’s focus is to continue to grow and improve himself both personally and professionally. He enjoys a challenge and looks forward to opportunities where he can utilise his skillset in any job position. Ultimately, he sees himself as a lifelong learner as he believes that education is valued and meaningful to bring into any company. With his experience and educational background, he would like to move into a management role with a focus on strategy, operation, and development by working his way into a long-term position where he can build a solid career. He is currently working as a Business/Finance Executive at CitySwiftGareth’s interesting fact is that when he was a child, he used to model for one of the chat shows on RTÉ. As an NEC committee member, his responsibility is to support and provide strategic direction to the current committee. In addition, he advises on seeking the best opportunities to utilise for the future of the association