M.Sc. Aeronautical Engineering 

University of Limerick

About the Course 

NFQ Level  Delivery Mode  Duration 
9  Full Time  1 Year 


This M.Sc. degree provides a platform for graduates to develop and create innovative solutions to real world applications, using their previous engineering expertise. Specifically tailored to the aircraft industry, the course enables students to utilise their previously attained engineering skills and apply them to new technological developments to the design, manufacture, testing and operation of aircraft.  

Minimum Requirements

Undergraduate Degree in Aeronautical Engineering or similar  Grade 2:1 at Level 8 

Structure/Content of the Course

The programme offers four core modules, and three represent the research project and Advanced Technical Communication for Engineers. The student will be awarded a Masters in a specialist area, based on what electives they have chosen for the year of study.  

Career Opportunities 

Although the course has a focus on aircraft related modules, career prospects extend far beyond the aviation industry. The course could facilitate career opportunities in the aerospace, automotive, design and manufacturing industries. The course equips a potential student to be at the forefront of emerging technologies, in whichever industry they decide to venture into.