Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering 

IT Carlow 

About the Course 

CAO CODE  MINIMUM POINTS  NFQ Level  Delivery Mode  Duration 
CW568  368  8  Full Time   4 Years 



This course covers the design and development of all types of aircraft including airplanes, helicopters, satellites and spacecraft. Students will apply the principles of engineering to the design, manufacture and operation of highly sophisticated technologies for use in aviation and space exploration. The course provides students with the skill sets in the areas of aerodynamics, propulsion, aircraft networks, flight dynamics, control systems, aircraft leasing, embedded systems and project design. Institute of Technology Carlow is the only third-level institute in Ireland to have its own on-campus aerospace center, comprising a range of aircraft, a wind tunnel and an avionics/UAV laboratory.  


Minimum Requirements

Overall Leaving Certificate Requirements  2x H5 or greater 
  4x O6/H7 or greater 
Mathematics  O6 or higher /H7 or higher 
English or Irish   06 or higher/ H7 or higher 


Structure/Content of the Course 

All modules throughout the first and second year of the course are mandatory, however, elective modules are included throughout the final two years.  

Modules throughout the course include, Aircraft Design, Technical Communications, Aircraft Structures, Instrument Systems, Aviation Legislation, Aerodynamics and Flight Control Systems, Technical Aircraft Leasing and Computer Networks for Aircraft. 

To obtain a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of full-time study must be completed. There are two exit awards – Higher Certificate in Aircraft Systems (NFQ Level 6) after Year 2 or a Bachelor of Engineering in Aircraft Systems (NFQ Level 7) after Year 3. 


Career Opportunities 

Many aerospace engineers work directly within the aerospace industry in roles with leading aircraft manufacturers and airline companies as well as government agencies. The role of an aerospace engineer can vary hugely from aircraft design to research, design and development, field service, marketing and software development.