B.Sc. Pilot Studies 

IT Carlow  


About the Course 



NFQ Level 

Delivery Mode 





Full Time/Part Time/Distance Education 

1 Academic Year in Carlow. 

6 Semesters in total 



This B.Sc. Programme is designed for previous graduates of FTEJerez who have obtained a frozen ATPL and students who have successfully passed FTE’s selection process and assessments and are in a position to start their Airline First Officer Programme. This programme allows students to add additional academic value to their EASA ATPL after just 2 semesters in IT Carlow. The other semesters are spent in an approved ATPL Provider.  


Minimum Requirements 


  • Applied for and passed the FTE Jerez Assesment 
  • Five LC subjects (inc English and Mathematics) at level O6 or higher 


Structure/Content of the Course 

Stage 1  – The following Semester 1 and 2 modules assessed in IT Carlow: 

Semester 1: Digital Techniques, Electrical Fundamentals (Part 1), Electronic Fundamentals (Part 1), Technical Aircraft Leasing (Part 1), Mathematics (Part 1), Role of the Front Line Manager, Introduction to Aircraft Design (Part 1), Aircraft Structures Fundamentals (Part 1). 

 Semester 2:  Digital Techniques (Part 2), Electrical Fundamentals (Part 2), Electronic Fundamentals (Part 2), Technical Aircraft Leasing (Part 2), Mathematics (Part 2), Introduction to Aircraft Design (Part 2), Aircraft Structures Fundamentals (Part 2).  

 Stage 2 – Stages 2 & 3 modules delivered by EASA approved ATPL training provider: 

Semester 1: VFR Communications, IFR Communications, Air Law and ATC Procedures, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, Performance.  

 Semester 2: Flight Planning, General Navigation, Mass and Balance, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology. 

 Stage 3 – All modules delivered by an EASA approved ATPL training provider except the dissertation which is delivered by IT Carlow.  

 Semester 1: Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi Engine Piston Class Rating, Multi Engine Instrument Rating, Multi Crew Cooperation, Dissertation (Part 1).  

 Semester 2: Aircraft General Knowledge, Radio Navigation, Instrumentation, EU Aviation Policy, Dissertation (Part 2). 


Career Opportunities 

 As this programme is aimed at aspiring pilots, the majority of students start working as commercial pilots for airlines including Aer Lingus, Iberia, EasyJet and British Airways. Once a student starts working for an airline, many career progression opportunities are offered. Management roles in the Flight Operations Department or having the opportunity to fly larger aircraft on long haul routes, where relevant and of course eventual promotion to Captain or are some of many promotion opportunities for pilots.