Ryanair Pilot Mentorship Programme. 

Ryanair partnered with Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA). 


About the Program 

The Ryanair Mentorship programme is open to both ab-initio applicants and experienced pilots. Ab-initio students spend 16-18 months training in Cork including 220 hours of flight time. Upon completion of the course, they will be offered a place on Ryanair’s B737 type rating course. For any experienced pilots, gateway programmes 1,2 & 3 offer specific training which will lead the applicant to a career with Ryanair as an airline pilot/instructor. 


Entry Requirements  

  • Minimum age: 17 ½ years of age. 
  • EU/EEA Passport with the unrestricted right to live and work in the EU. 
  • Flexibility to be based across Europe. 
  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent. 
  • Disciplined, highly motivated with demonstrable leadership qualities. 
  • Must hold a valid EU (Part-MED) issued Class 1 Medical. 
  • Complete an assessment online and in the academy. 
  • Personal funding of €86,000 for ab-initio programme. 
  • Additional requirements for:  Gateway 1: 100 hours PIC,170 hours total flying, ATPL’s completed. Gateway 2: EASA CPL ME/IR completed, EASA ATPL theory completed. Gateway 3: Frozen EASA ATPL. 


Structure/Content of the Program 

Ab initio: This course provides PPL standard training, ATPL theory, VFR navigation, ME/IR training and finally the APS MCC. 

Gateway 1: For any PPL holders with 100hrs Pilot in Command (PIC) and 170 hours total flying time and all ATPL theoretical exams completed, this course allows students to join a Ryanair mentored CPL, ME/IR APS MCC.  

Gateway 2: This APS MCC course provides 10 days of Computer Based Training CBT in aircraft systems and procedures, 4 Days ground school and 10 by 4 Hours B737-800 FBS Training.  

Gateway 3: Pilots with a frozen EASA ATPL will be offered a full-time position with AFTA as an instructor for two years. Following which they will be fast tracked with Ryanair on a 737 type rating. They will progress to Ryanair’s instructor career path and can expect to become senior flight instructors once a certain criterion is met. 

Benefits of the Program 


Ryanair Mentored Students will complete their chosen programme and are immediately type rated to fly 737 aircraft. Mentored students also have exclusive access to a fast-tracked recruitment process and are given preference during the initial selection.