Description of the Role/Career

An Air Traffic Controller is responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious movement of air traffic on
and in the vicinity of airports and in Irish Airspace. An air traffic controller can be based in the control
tower on an airfield or in a control centre controlling a vast a amount of oceanic airspace. Controller’s
are generally segregated into Arrivals, Departure, Clearance, Taxi, and tower control and often rotate
their stations based on skills.

Pathways into the Role/Career

In Ireland, Air Traffic Controllers generally recruited through the Irish Aviation Authority Student
Controller Programme for which there are four stages of application.

  • Stage 1 – Initial Screening Process
  • Stage 2
    • ATC Computer Based Aptitude Tests
    • FEAST Test
    • DART Test
  • Stage 3
    • Work Strength Profiling
    • Group Interview /Exercise
  • Stage 4
    • Final Interview

DCU’s BSc of Aviation Management gives the option in 4th year to enter the IAA’s Student
Controller Program.

Link to IASA Educational Pages (e.g. flight school pages/specific educational

DCU Aviation Management

Common Requirements (if applicable)

  • At least 19 years old when applying
  • Passed at least 5 subjects in Leaving Certificate (Including Maths)

Employers of such Roles

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