IASA's 4th Annual Junior Aviation Networking Series 2019

by Kate Iarajuli

Posted on July 11, 2019

We held our fourth Annual Junior Aviation Networking (“JAN”) Series on 3 July 2019. The event took place in House, Dublin. Among the attendees included aspiring aviation students and established industry professionals. The two main goals of the JAN series are networking and socialising with like-minded individuals and debating current aviation trends, opportunities and challenges. We were honored to welcome our main speaker at the event, Raymond A. Kerr. Raymond is an aviation industry veteran, with over four decades’ experience and has held senior posts with Air 2000, easyJet, Dublin Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport and Siemens.


The event kicked off with a networking session, where young professionals in the aviation industry expanded their network and strengthened relationships with individuals in the network, over a drink or two and some food! Various topics were discussed, such as the gender gap within the industry, aviation law as a profession and new legislations. The evening continued with our speaker Raymond discussing his exciting career and how it never stayed static, as he took up various roles throughout it. During the Q&A session, discussions were held on a variety of topics including the future of drones in the aviation industry. Other topics discussed were the immense opportunities and exciting career paths in the aviation sector and how young students can work towards being part of it, which was of great benefit to many in the audience. This last point proved to be quite valuable to IASA members, as it allowed them to gather advice from aviation professionals that might help them in their endeavours to penetrate this tough industry.


The event concluded with Gareth Lau, Chairperson of IASA, giving his thanks to Raymond and to everyone in attendance, as well as IASA sponsors and members. Without our fantastic network, IASA would not be able to organise such informative, valuable events.


On a personal level, this was my first event as Events Officer of IASA, where I held the responsibility of organising the venue. It was a great learning experience, one that I will certainly learn from when organising future events. It is great to see the hard work of the IASA committee come to fruition through events such as the JAN series, and was one of the main reasons I wanted to become involved with IASA. The experience of organising an event of this calibre is challenging but rewarding, and something that most students do not get the opportunity to do. I can already recognise the new skills it has taught me, and the additional line I can add to future CVs!


We would like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support and for making these events possible. We are already looking forward to our fifth JAN Series next year and hope to see you all there!