Junior Aviation Networking 3rd Series

by Aaron Gilmartin

Posted on July 18, 2018

We hosted our third successful JAN event on Wednesday 11th July which was kindly sponsored by PwC. The JAN series enables young professionals in the aviation industry across Ireland to network and build new relationships with like-minded individuals. It provides a platform where members can discuss and learn about latest industry trends through guest speakers. At this event IASA was honoured to have Rachel Frye, Aviation Finance Advisory Leader from PwC asour guest speaker.

“I was immersed in an industry I loved and I didn’t realise my career would take me to the places it has. It’s ok when the destination you start out with changes”

In Rachel’s speech she discussed her family’s background in aviation and her rather unique path into the aviation finance industry. She started her career at flight school while also working as a line engineer in the United States. Upon returning to Europe, she was due to join KLM as a commercial pilot just prior to 9/11, when the industry went into financial turmoil. Instead of leaving the industry, Rachel was approached by different organizations to get technical advice on the planes. Much to her surprise the clients she was giving advice to included a range of large banks and governments who required her assistance to help with destressed assets. This was unknown territory as it was the first time airlines went into bankruptcy on such a large scale. In the next few years, Frye and the team she developed proceeded to track down these valuable assets around the world and then sell them on during challenging economic times. She became an expert in her field and found herself working with large organizations before starting her new role with PwC Ireland.

“Curiosity is very well perceived in the aviation industry”

Towards the end of an impressive speech Rachel discussed the change the industry is experiencing, the unprecedented growth we are expected to see in coming years and the industry’s future. We were reminded how aircraft have changed from traditional fabric planes to the composite planes she now deals with now on a daily basis. Going into the future “it is critical that aviation has young, bright and passionate people” and PwC is committed to this. It was also highlighted that the industry needs to adapt to the new emergence of technology.

During the Q&A session, discussions were had on a variety of topics including the future of the A380. Other topics centred around Irish roots in aviation combined with the skills and depth of knowledge in aviation finance making Ireland a magnificent place to do business.

IASA was thrilled to see attendees come from a variety of different professions. We would like to pay a big thanks to our sponsor PwC for making this fantastic event happen. We look forward to holding similar events in the future!