IASA Committee Featured: Shane Gorman

by Shane Gorman

Posted on Aug. 1, 2018


  • Joined IASA in: 2016
  • Role within IASA: Treasurer
  • Current Job Position: Trainee Accountant / Consultant at KPMG Ireland


Why did you join IASA?

The main reason I joined IASA was to get involved within an industry of personal interest. Aviation has always been huge interest of mine and so when I heard of IASA, the thought of engaging with leaders and firms within the industry here in Ireland and most importantly fellow committee members whom also share the same passion and interest is initially what attracted me to apply for a committee position.

The main goal of IASA is bridge the gap between the next generation of aviation professionals and the current industry, with that, I decided I wanted to sure to be a part of this process.

Describe your role within IASA.

Since I joined IASA I have been Treasurer where I have provided oversight of the association’s income and expenses, generated budgets on the basis of internal requirements, generation of the associations expense policy and provided input into the completion of the annual report.

As a member of the Management Committee I also provide collaborative advice on the day to day running of the association and I assist with the recruitment cycle of new members for the succession of the association. This year (2017/18) I also got the opportunity to draft and finalise the association’s structure document for committee approval.

Yes balancing personal, professional and IASA life can be challenging, however by nature, the team work very closely to ensure that help is always available, if required.

How has IASA helped you to gain exposure to the aviation industry as a whole?

IASA from day one have been extremely successful in garnering support at all levels and from all aspects of the aviation industry and on the back of this I have had the opportunity to meet and work with senior members of the industry within leasing, airlines, education and professional services.

Members of the industry today are making significant progress for aviation in Ireland and to retain Ireland’s leading position there are strong efforts being made to ensure the next generation of such professionals are engaged, as a result of this the networking opportunities at numerous events have given me an invaluable insight into the talent and skills that are required for the industry ahead.

Why should students get involved with IASA?

For me, being a part of IASA and the dedicated committee is something I hold with great pride. On a committee basis you get exposed to so many individuals with different backgrounds however, we all share the same interests and motivation – to build, inform and to enhance the next generation of aviation professionals in Ireland and abroad – there is something very interesting about this!

From the many events I have had the opportunity to attend to the challenges I have faced I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Treasurer of IASA and being involved with an aviation passionate team.

Why wait? Start now – IASA will build an important network for your future career. I encourage those with motivation and an interest in aviation to get involved.