IASA Committee Featured: Ross Quinless

by Ross Quinless

Posted on May 2, 2018

  • Joined IASA in: 2016
  • Role within IASA: Secretary
  • Current Job Position: Aviation Analyst at Dublin Airport

Why did you join IASA?

I joined IASA as I wanted to be a part of an association with like-minded individuals that shared the same passion for aviation as I did. IASA’s main purpose is to connect aviation passionate students with this ever-evolving industry and help them discover the opportunities that it has to offer. I wanted to be instrumental in assisting IASA with this goal.

Describe your role within IASA.

As secretary, my main role within IASA is to manage all administrative matters for the association. These include organising both Committee and Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) meetings, preparing agendas, recording minutes and liaising with the committee about all matters. In addition, I assist with the recruitment of new members for IASA and in the production of the Annual Report. While it can be extremely busy at times, particularly coming up to our events such as the annual Symposium and Career Expo, it is a very rewarding role and I have enjoyed every minute.

How did IASA help you progress into your current career?

IASA has helped me immensely to progress into my current position. It has given me skills that cannot be taught as part of any degree. Skills such as communication, time management, problem solving and of course, teamwork. These are skills I use every day in my current role. Additionally, IASA has giving me amazing opportunities to develop myself further through attending networking events where I was given the unique opportunity to meet and learn from the top leaders within the Aviation industry.

IASA has also given me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and perform tasks that I would never have imagined doing before. For instance, presenting in front of a large audience was never my forte, but IASA gave me the opportunity to overcome this. I was fortunate enough to perform the role of Master of Ceremonies for our 3rd Annual Symposium which was attended by over 300 people. This has been quite the conversation starter when I get asked how I feel about presenting in front of others at interviews!

Why should students get involved with IASA?

It has been an honour to be part of IASA and I encourage any student who has the commitment and passion for aviation to join. The opportunities it offers are priceless and the skills you learn will become instrumental in your future career. Not only has it enriched my enthusiasm for the aviation industry but IASA has given me skills and friends that I will have throughout my life.