IASA Committee Featured: Mark Kenny

by Mark Kenny

Posted on Nov. 7, 2018


Joined IASA in: October 2017

Role within IASA: Student Engagement Coordinator

Current Job Position: Student – Aviation Management with Pilot Studies




Why Did you join IASA?

I joined IASA after volunteering at their third symposium when I witnessed first-hand the great work they do engaging students with the aviation industry. I am studying Aviation Management in DCU and I joined IASA to help me get a better understanding of the industry I was getting in to.

Growing up I had dreamed of being a pilot and didn’t know a lot about the industry, but after joining IASA, I was given a broad view of aviation industry and all of the opportunities out there.

IASA is an excellent base for students and graduates to network with current industry professionals. It gives me and all the IASA team great satisfaction by being able to facilitate both students and industry members with a platform to network at our events such as our Career Expo, Symposium and Junior Aviation Networking.


Describe your role within IASA.

As Student Engagement Co-Ordinator it’s my job to look after IASA’s interaction with the students around Ireland. There are 3 student engagement officers and me on the student engagement team, and some of our tasks include gathering information for IASA’s monthly newsletter, giving school talks, presentations, and attending career day events. The student engagement team can be extremely busy especially coming up to our events like the symposium and career expo, contacting schools and colleges to attract students to attend. It is a difficult job to juggle with College and part-time work, but it is also very rewarding by giving you valuable life skills while working alongside industry professionals.


How has IASA helped you gain exposure to the aviation industry as a whole?

While hosting and attending aviation events around Ireland IASA has given me a greater understanding of the aviation industry while growing my own professional network at the same time. IASA has many sponsors covering all sectors of the aviation industry and without their support attending these events and spreading the word about students in Ireland and the work IASA does would be near impossible.

The opportunities to attend events and meet like-minded people that IASA have given me has really been second to none. IASA has really allowed me to discover a lot more areas of the industry I never thought existed.


Why should students get involved with IASA?

I would recommend to anyone passionate for aviation to get involved with IASA. Working with IASA has given me a lot of opportunities to expand my knowledge on the aviation industry in Ireland while pushing me to improve my communication and teamwork skills. It has given me a wealth of contacts through attending events and working with industry professionals.