IASA Committee Featured: Jordan Myers

by Jordan Myers

Posted on Oct. 24, 2018


Joined IASA in: April 2017

Role within IASA: Treasurer

Current Job Position: Computer Science Student



Why did you join IASA?

I was first in a cockpit when I was 2 ½ years old. Since then, it has been my dream to be a pilot. When the opportunity arose to join IASA as IT Officer, it was the perfect way for me to combine my IT skills with my passion for aviation.


Describe your role within IASA.

As Treasurer, I manage all aspects relating to finance, including liaising with suppliers and sponsors to pay and issue invoices, managing committee expenses and producing monthly and annual budgets and reports. I also manage all of our IT systems, including our web server and productivity tools and I am responsible for security and compliance.


How has IASA helped you to gain exposure to the aviation industry as a whole?

The networking opportunities IASA provides are second-to-none. From attending top-class industry events to working with our sponsors and IAC, we get to meet and work with highly experienced aviation professionals.


Why should students get involved with IASA?

IASA gives students the opportunity to not only develop their skills, but to apply these skills practically. For students like me doing a non-aviation degree, it allows us to demonstrate our passion for aviation. For those who are studying aviation degrees, it puts them a step ahead of other students doing the same degree. We get to do this while working with a team who all share the same interests and even making some new friends along the way!