IASA Committee Featured: Gareth Lau

by Gareth Lau

Posted on Oct. 11, 2018

IASA Committee Featured



Joined IASA in: April 2017

Role within IASA: Chairperson

Current Job Position: Aviation Management Student




Why did you join IASA?

From a very young age, I have always had a personal interest in the aviation industry. I used to spend hours with my parents sitting in the car watching the planes take off and land from Dublin Airport. I still to this day continue to plane watch as i find it very therapeutic . When I heard of IASA, the thought of engaging with leaders and different organisations within the industry here in Ireland really excited me. Most appealing to me was the opportunity to meet other students like me who share the same passion and interest in aviation. This is what attracted me to apply for a Student Engagement Officer position with IASA. I wanted to learn more about the industry because I knew exactly it wasn’t all about flying the world’s largest aircraft around the world.

IASA’s goal is to bridge the gap between the next generation of aviation professionals and the current industry, with that, I knew I want to be a part of that goal where I could continue to use and expand my skill set and knowledge of this industry. Based on the research I did, I was incredibly impressed with the founder’s background and how fast the association grew within two years at the time. This was exactly the type of environment I was searching for—a fast-growth association where I can play a part in making changes in the industry. After all, we are the next generation?


Describe your role within IASA.

Becoming Chairperson, it is a dynamic role that spreads to different aspects of the association. I am responsible for sourcing sponsorship to ensure the smooth running of the association and overseeing any IASA hosted events, such as our Annual Symposium, the Career Expo and the Junior Aviation Networking (JAN) Series to name a few.

Additionally, I organise any events that IASA has the privilege to attend, such as the Airline Economics conference, Dublin Aviation Summit or MRO London in May 2019. It is my responsibility to showcase the value that IASA offers the aviation industry and what IASA's potential is in the future. I work with other committee members to ensure a high standard of promotion, sponsorship and general operations. Furthermore, I chair meetings, both within the committee and with external stakeholders such as the IASA Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

Particularly, my role involves creative problem solving. Committee members come to me with their visions and ideas, and I problem solve with our management team to figure out whether it fits with what we want to do, whether it’s the right time, and how to make it happen. From time to time we are reorganising and restructuring our committee. So there’s the excitement of change, but there’s also the fulfilling sense of building something for the long term—something that will last.


How has IASA helped you to gain exposure to the aviation industry as a whole?

From day one, IASA has given me the platform to allow myself to emerge into the aviation industry in Ireland and beyond. IASA has been extremely successful by sustaining support across all levels and aspects of this niche industry. Luckily, I have had the opportunities to meet and work with senior members of the industry within leasing, airlines, education and professional services. I have attended numerous events which allowed me to expand my network and to discuss opportunities for IASA. For example, being involved with IASA has given me the confidence to speak in front of an audience which was something I never imagined doing two years ago.


On a personal level, what motivates you? What are your own sources of inspiration?

Honestly, I get inspired by meeting the growing leaders and students. I am very passionate about exploring and discovering people’s opinions, minds and seeking their advice. In my opinion, it is clear that members of the industry today are making significant progress for aviation in Ireland and are helping to retain Ireland’s leading position to ensure the next generation are engaged. As a result of this, the networking opportunities at numerous events have given me an invaluable insight into the talent and skills that are required for the industry ahead.


Why should students get involved with IASA?

As Chairperson, being a part of IASA and being surrounded by a dedicated committee is something I hold with great pride and joy. IASA has offered me opportunities to develop skills I never imagined I would have, and I also learned a lot about myself and my abilities while learning about the areas I can improve on for my professional career. Yes, there are challenges that come with the role of Chairperson while you are also working and studying but looking back on the success of our events, it is worth every second!

You can meet potential future employers and create friendships that will last a life time. At whatever level you become involved, it is sure to help in achieving the goal of a career in aviation. Start now by joining us on our next adventure ahead!




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