IASA Committee Featured: Cian McHugh

by Caroline Nolan Finnegan

Posted on Oct. 17, 2018

IASA Committee Featured


Joined IASA in: April 2017

Role within IASA: Secretary

Current Job Position: Slot Coordinator Intern at ACA Airport Coordination



Why did you join IASA?

Upon commencing my first year of Aviation Management in DCU I attended IASA’s second annual Symposium. I had only commenced my journey within aviation and was keen to learn more about the industry. The aviation Symposium opened my eyes to the range of opportunities available within the aviation industry. Upon starting my college course, many people asked what I was studying in college, I told them I was studying Aviation Management. Some said, “what is aviation?” and others said, “so you’re going to be a pilot.” This unawareness and misconception were hard to believe and I realised that I would like to contribute to the awareness and development of the industry.

After witnessing first hand the success of IASA’s second annual Symposium, I really wanted to get involved! I joined IASA to give back to students, what students have given to me. The networking opportunities presented by joining IASA are second to none as we attend events such as; CAPA Airline Leaders’ Summit, Dublin Aviation Summit, Airline Economics: Growth Frontiers, Airline MRO and many more.


Describe your role within IASA.

As Secretary, my main role within IASA is to manage all administrative affairs for the association. These include organising both Committee and Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) meetings, preparing agendas, recording minutes, keeping a diary of events, acting as a custodian IASA’s governing documents, monitoring attendance and liaising with the committee about all matters. In addition, I assist with the recruitment of new members for IASA and in the production of the Annual Report. While it can be extremely busy at times, particularly coming up to our events such as the annual Symposium and Career Expo, it is a very rewarding role where I have learned lots.


How has IASA helped you to gain exposure to the aviation industry as a whole?

IASA has allowed me to both surround myself with like – minded students and to network with industry members. I have learned lots from talking and networking with like – minded individuals and industry members who have also contributed in providing me with a much broader outlook of the aviation industry as a whole.

From hosting and attending events with IASA I have grown my network to include individuals from every aspect of the aviation industry, something that I may not otherwise been able to accomplish.


Why should students get involved with IASA?

Being involved with IASA is something that is both challenging and rewarding. The challenges that one can face by being part of the team is instrumental in shaping the individual to becoming a well – rounded, highly employable individual.

I would highly encourage you to get involved with IASA, you will be surrounding yourself with a highly supportive committee, immersing yourself in the center of aviation industry and attending industry events