IASA Committee Featured: Carl Lynam

by Carl Lynam

Posted on July 11, 2018


Joined IASA in: 2015

Role within IASA: Co-founder, former Treasurer, currently a Non - Executive committee Member

Current Job Position: Aircraft Technical Records Administrator


Why did you join IASA? I was previously involved with the other Co-founders of IASA in DIT’s Aeronautical Society, where the idea of hosting an event showcasing the aviation industry to students was born. We founded IASA initially as a mechanism to support the organising of this inaugural student aviation symposium in 2015, however the association soon grew wings of its own. The idea was to create a platform which would bring students, industry and academia together to interact; networking and forging new links, all the while helping to inform students of the vast array of jobs available in the industry. We also aimed to assist in job-hunting, for example, via the provision of CV and interview preparation workshops. Additionally, we wanted to show the industry the future talent of aviation-passionate individuals that would soon be entering the job market. 

Describe your role within IASA. Early on my role was varied. Apart from my involvement primarily in the logistical side of the first symposium, I was heavily involved in the creation of the association’s constitution and the drafting of policies and procedures. Also, as treasurer, I took care of the annual finances, administration of day to day expenses and helped in seeking sponsorship and procuring grants. More recently my role has been an advisory one, offering opinion on various internal matters as requested by the management committee.

How did IASA help you progress into your current career? Being involved with IASA gave easier access to people in the industry who could offer advice and bring to my attention the different avenues open for a career in aviation. This was further enhanced by the ability to attend industry events and seminars on behalf of IASA, providing an educational aspect and further facilitating networking.

Why should students get involved with IASA?  Getting involved with IASA is the ideal way to expand one’s professional network, meet potential future employers and indeed meet peers with whom new ideas and ventures can be conceived and developed. At whatever level an individual becomes involved, it is sure to help in achieving the goal of a career in aviation.