IASA Committee Featured: Bridget Corry

by Bridget Corry

Posted on June 7, 2018

Joined IASA: 2015

Role within IASA: Chairperson

Current Job Position: Intern at Genesis Aircraft Services


Why did you join IASA?
I was one of the very first committee members when I joined IASA in 2015. When I first joined, IASA was planning the first annual symposium and I thought this would a great opportunity to expose myself to a number of areas within the aviation industry. Additionally, I thought IASA was a great way for me to meet people already involved in the industry and also to meet students that had the same passion for aviation as I did. 
Describe your role within IASA 
My role as Chairperson is a very dynamic role that expands to many areas of the organisation. I am responsible for sourcing sponsorship to ensure the smooth running of the association and overseeing any events IASA host, such as our Career Expo in September 2018 and the Junior Aviation Networking (JAN) Series to name a few. Additionally, I organise any events that IASA has the privilege to attend, such as the Dublin Aviation Summit or Airline Economics conference. Within these events, I work with other committee members to ensure a high standard of promotion, sponsorship and general operation of events. In addition to these tasks, as my role as chairperson I am also responsible for Chairing meetings, both within the committee and with external stakeholders such as the IASA Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).

Being Chairperson of IASA has offered me opportunities to develop skills I never imagined I would have, and I also learned a lot about my own abilities while learning about the areas I can improve on for my professional career.

How did IASA help you progress into your current role?
In the past three years, I have been given numerous opportunities to expand my network and get to know key industry professionals. IASA has helped me build confidence when speaking and working with successful, motivated industry professionals. Now that many companies are getting involved with IASA, it becomes a key area to showcase your abilities in an interview. Working with IASA shows the ability to work to deadlines, communicate, work in a team with people of different experience levels from different disciplines and with all the workshops and events we organise, you always pick up some tips along the way!
Why should students get involved with IASA?
Students should be able to show they have a broad range of skills and abilities when applying for jobs. Competition is increasing year on year, and showing you are more than just your degree title is very important. Employers want well rounded individuals that will gel with their team. You will develop the ability to solve problems on the spot, communicate internally and externally, as in any business, all while fuelling your passion for aviation.