Aircraft Leasing Career Slingshot

by Gareth Lau

Posted on April 25, 2018

IASA Aviation Career Expo 2018

Ireland is considered the birthplace of aircraft leasing and is recognised as the number one location globally in the sector. Over 40% of all aircraft in the world are leased and Ireland has a significant portion of the global market.

On Tuesday 27th March, IASA held the second Career Slingshot event after last September’s success with their Pilot Career Slingshot. The Career Slingshot series event enables young professionals and students to network with and learn from individuals within the aviation industry.

Our Aircraft Leasing Career Slingshot was an insightful event where four guest speakers from top aircraft leasing companies such as Avolon, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise and SMBC Aviation Capital gathered to present and discuss their career paths to date and their outlook of the global market for aircraft, lease rates and values, in terms of technical, marketing, and commercial.

Our four guest speakers respectively, Donal O’Shea, Fiona McAllister, Mariyan Adanov and Aoife Hafner, originating from and working in different aspects of the aircraft leasing industry, gathered in An Blascaod Mór Theatre at Irish Aviation Authority at the Irish Times Building in Dublin to share their expertise and knowledge to an our audience consisting of industry professionals, second and third level students and others with a keen interest in the aviation industry.

To kick off the event, Bridget Corry, IASA’s Chairperson delivered an opening speech outlining what IASA has to offer students from second and third level who have a keen interest for the dynamic industry. Specifically, offering our newly developed membership platform and monthly newsletter which enables our students to view current job openings with the top companies in all different aspects of aviation.

Our first two guest speakers from Avolon, Donal O’Shea, Head of Asset Management and Fiona McAllister, Contracts Team Manager. Donal began his presentation by providing our audience with his exciting educational and career background. Donal has over 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry working in a wide variety of roles. Having initially trained as an Apprentice Aircraft Engineer with Ryanair, he then spent 10 years working as a Certifying Line and Base Maintenance Engineer at CityJet. Jumping to the present, as Head of Asset Management in Avolon, Donal talked further about the Technical Asset Management side of leasing and the importance of maintaining the aircraft correctly. Next, Fiona discussed her transition from studying in University of Limerick to being the first female on the Ryanair Hangar floor. Impressive! Fiona continued to reveal how she applies her technical background to her current job in contract management. She also shared with the audience the importance of work life balance and doing what you love - for her camogie.

The following presentation was by Mariyan Adanov, SVP of Sales from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise. Mariyan began by showing our audience, with the use of an in-depth presentation, an overview of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise along with a detailed description of his compelling career path to date.

Today DAE has active global relations with 180+ Airlines and 150+ Trading counterparties and our Customer Relationships are a key differentiator of existing and continued success.

Mariyan Adanov

Towards the end of Mariyan’s presentation, he went on to discuss his strong observations of the leasing sector by sharing some statistics of the top 100 lessors by fleet value in the world and how Ireland has a rich background in the leasing industry.

Our final guest speaker, Aoife Hafner spoke thoroughly about her current role as SVP Commercial Analysis and Execution. She discussed what her daily activities consist of, and explaining how her team works efficiently in a day to day environment in SMBC AC.

Throughout Aoife’s presentation, she consistently interacted with our audience by having discussion with our audience before continuing on with her presentation. Aoife illustrated the basic works of Aircraft Leasing with a very detailed diagram explaining the process of how an aircraft moves from OEMs to Lessors to Airlines.

Aoife Hafner explaining aircraft leasing

To conclude, Gareth Lau, Student Engagement Officer shared his closing remarks by including a summary on the Aircraft Leasing Career Slingshot event, followed by a brief discussion on the key role the students attending IASA events play, without whom, events would not be possible.

Overall, the attendees at the event thoroughly enjoyed themselves and described the event as “rewarding” and “informative” as they engaged with various like-minded people who are in the aviation industry. Many praised all four guest speakers and would definitely attend the next IASA event. They also gained valuable insights of how the industry works from the different elements in Aircraft Lessing.

IASA will host Ireland's first Aviation Career Expo on September 19th 2018 and we invite all students and young professionals to avail of our free early bird tickets, available until June 30th 2018.